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Life Cycles

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Protozoa Life Cycles

Giardia canis
Tritrichomonas foetis
Tritrichomonas blagburni
Trichomonas gallinae

Trypanosoma cruzi
Leishmania infantum


Cryptosporidium parvum
Cryptosporidium Anatomy
Cryptosporidium in the Intestine
Cystoisospora canis
Cystoisospora in the Intestine

Avian Coccidia
Caprine Coccidia
Eimeria in the Intestine
Eimeria sp. Pathogenisis

Systemic Apicomplexans

Toxoplasma gondii
Toxoplasma: feline host - oocyst
Toxoplasma: feline host - paratenic host
Toxoplasma: non-feline host - oocyst
Toxoplasma: non-feline host - paratenic host

Neospora caninum
Sarcocystis neurona
Sarcocystis cruzi


Babesia canis
Babesia gibsoni

Babesia in the tick

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