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VMP 930: Supplemental Info

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Supplemental Readings

American Heartworm Society
Alternative to Melarsomine treatment 2
Alternative to Melarsomine treatment 1
Heat treatment for Diagnosis of HW
Diagnosis of resistant HW cases
False Negative (HW) Antigen Test in Dogs
Improved Detection of HW in Cats (and Dogs)
Doxy & Ivermectin Combo
Heartworm, Wolbachia, Therapeutics
Heartworm, Wolbachia, Pathology
Heartworm and preventives

Equine Parasites
AAEP Guidelines for Parasite Control
Macrocyclic lactone resistant small strongyles
AAEP Guidelines for EPM
What Is Your Diagnosis?

Persistent Hookworm infection in dogs
UGA Reesistant Hookworm Guidelines
Treatment for resistant hookworms
Combination treatment for persistent Ancylostoma caninum
MDR hookworms

Dipylidium tapeworm infections
Dipylidium caninum resistance

Demodex canis (Red Mange)
Demodicosis Guidlines

Fecal Diagnostics
ELISA for Ancylostoma & Toxocara
Fecal Flotation with Centrifugation

Eucoleus (Capillaria) boehmi Case 2
Eucoleus (Capillaria) boehmi Case 1
Eucoleus (Capillaria) boehmi Summary

What Is Your Diagnosis?

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