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(Print Schedule)


8/08    Definitions, life cycles and classification
(during lab period) [in B112]       PDF      PPT1  PPT2

PROTOZOA  (Flowers)

8/09    Introduction & Hemoflagellates      PDF      PPT
8/13    Mucoflagellates      PDF      PPT
8/15    Coccidia 1   (during lab period) [in B112]      PDF      PPT
8/16    Coccidia 2            PPT
8/20    Coccidia 3            PPT
8/22    Toxoplasma   (during lab period) [in B112]       PDF      PPT
8/23    Sarcocystis & EPM               PPT
8/27    Babesia & Cytauxzoon         PDF      PPT
Review Tables      Systemic      Abortion      Small Animal Diarrhea      Large Animal Diarrhea      Toxoplasma      Piroplasm
Protozoa Appendix         PDF

ARTHROPODS  (Hammerberg)

8/29    Mites   (during lab period) [in B112]       PDF      PPT
8/30    Ticks         PDF      PPT
9/06    Fleas & Lice         PDF      PPT
9/10    Select Flies         PDF      PPT
Review Tables      Mites      Ticks      Fleas      Lice      Fly      Myiasis
Arthropod Appendix         PDF

EXAM #1  (Flowers & Hammerberg)

9/13     Protozoa & Arthropods [20%]         PDF
Past Exam: 2017 Exam 1
Also see Past 2nd Exanm & Final Exam for Arthropod questions

NEMATODES  (Hammerberg)

9/17    Nematode Anatomy, Rhabditida   PDF      PPT 9/20    Trichostrongyles 1         PDF      PPT
9/24    Trichostrongyles 2         PPT
9/27    Strongyloidea         PDF               PPT
10/01     Ancylostomoidea         PDF      PPT
10/04    Oxyurids & Ascarids         PDF      PPT
Reading Assignment:   What is your Diagnosis?
10/08    Order Enoplida         PDF      PPT
10/11    Order Spirurida         PDF      PPT
10/22    Dirofilaria immitis         PDF      PPT1   PPT2   PPT3
Reading Assignments:      HW Guidelines_Dog      HW Guidelines_Cat
     HW Life Cycle video
10/25    Review Nematodes         PDF
Nematode Appendix         PDF

EXAM #2  (Hammerberg)

Monday, 10/29 in D239, 11:20 to 12:10
    Nematodes [20%]
Past Exam: 2017 Exam 2


11/01    Trematodes 1       PDF      PPT
Blank Table    Table #1
11/05    Trematodes 2         PPT
Blank Table    Table #2    Table #3
11/08    Cestodes 1         PDF      PPT
Blank Table    Table #1
11/12    Cestodes 2         PPT
Blank Table    Table #2    Table #3
Platyhelminthes Appendix         PDF


11/15    [Thursday]    Final Cumulative Exam [40%]
9am, Room B112          PDF
Past Exam: 2017 Final Exam

(Print Schedule)

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